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Our efforts in this research project have been one of the pioneering efforts in changing the way geoscience research is being conducted. Developing an advanced information system for the geosciences is a challenging task. The road ahead is long, and it will take major efforts to reach the targeted goals. The products of this system will allow scientists to conduct new, comprehensive and multidisciplinary studies related to our planet Earth. In the future, once available information or knowledge systems become more advanced scientific disciplines will be unified. While preserving the identities of individual disciplines, scientists will start examining scientific problems as comprehensive entities. The geosciences will always be a major element in this unified knowledge system, as managing our planet's resources and preserving the environment will always be crucial elements for mankind. These efforts are major steps towards this goal and will significantly change the way scientific research is done and the way the knowledge is disseminated to the public.

3D perspective view and seismicity with depth

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