Known bugs ...
Problem: Sometimes the map you make is not automatically displayed in the map area of the application. You can tell this by watching the foreground color of the button called "Submit Request...". If you see the foreground color of this button change to white (which is the default color) and you do not see your new map in the map area, it means automatic update did not function properly. You can also tell this by watching your cursor. While actively working on a map, the cursor changes its state to a "busy state". If the cursor returns to its normal state and your map is not displayed, it means it is not functioning properly.

Solution: Just click in anywhere in the map area, and your new map will be reloaded.

It has been reported that Netscape 4.5 and 4.51 in Macintosh platforms cannot read the web_map.class file from the server.

Solution: Until we figure out if it is something we can fix on the server side or if the Mac version of Netscape has some sort of problem, the alternative is to use Internet Explorer on Macintosh platforms. This reportedly works pretty well.