Making your first map ...
Now, you are ready to make your first map. First, simply click on the "Show Data Sets" button. This will display two lists. One shows all available data sets. The other is an empty list where you will copy data items that are to be plotted.

If you want to make a map showing land and ocean boundaries, first click on the geography data sets button, if it is already not pressed. Then, double click on Land and Ocean items in the list. This will copy these items to the plot list. Once you see both land and ocean in the plot list, you can go to the map area, and by mouse select a region where you want to make this map. Just position your mouse over where you want the upper left area of your new map to be, click the mouse button, and hold it down, and drag it until the area of your interest is highlighted. The final step is to go and press the "Submit Request ..." button. After a short while your new map will be displayed.