Displaying a latitude and longitude grid ...
You can place a latitude/longitude grid on your map. The lat/long grid is displayed at the client side, i.e., the grid is not included in the image that is returned from the server, which gives you the ability to change grid size at any time easily.

You should also note that just below the map, in the lower left corner, there are two labels that display the lat/long values of the cursor position. As you move the cursor within the map area, you will see these values change. To add a lat/long grid to your map, first click on the "Tools/Utilities..." button, and then select the "Lat/Long Grid ..." button. This will display a menu with two items, one for latitude increments, the other for longitude increments. Type any values in these two text areas and click the "On" button. To turn the grid off, simply click the "Off" button.