Profile Maker ...
The profile maker is a tool provided with this application to make cross sections of gridded data sets in the system. The cross section could be a simple topographic section, or a more complicated crustal cross section including multiple data sets such as topography, sediment thickness, and moho depth.

You can access the profile maker from the "Tools/Utils ..." button. Depending on the data set, various options are displayed. For example, if you would like to make a crustal cross section, you would check the crustal cross section radio button. This will display a new submenu with all data sets available for making a crustal cross section. From the list you can select up to three data sets. A logical option would be to select the topography, a basement and a moho data set. Once you have selected these data sets, you can mark the two ends of your profile on the map by pressing the "Select points from map" button. After you press this button you can move the mouse to the map area and mark the two ends of the profile by clicking the mouse at the two end points of your line. You can also enter values in the text area by hand. Once you have selected the data sets and determined the end points of the line, press the "Extract section now" button. This will create a new web browser. When the calculations are done you will be presented with two graphics, showing the locations of your profile (note that a great circle path is calculated), and the cross section. You can download both the maps and ascii files of cross sections.