Selecting a region ...

You can select a region of interest either by using the mouse or by entering latitude and longitude pairs.

  • To select a region of interest with the mouse, simply position your mouse over the upper left corner of the area of your interest, and click the mouse button and drag it while holding it down. This should mark the region with a red box which will be your new area to zoom in.
  • To select a region of interest by latitude and longitude values, go down to the "Set map extent ..." button on the left and press it. This will show a new submenu. On the left side of this menu there are buttons for previously set regions. You can either click on any given region, such as the United States or Europe, or you can simply type in the latitude and longitude values in the Map Limits section. Once you entered all four points, you can click on "Submit Request ..." button. After a short while your map showing only the region of your interest will be displayed with all data sets listed in the "data sets to be plotted" section.