Update Records:
February 28, 2001.

90m topography data for the US have been added under the hillshaded topography option. When zoomed in sufficiently anywhere in the US, this data set kicks in automatically.
February 1, 2001.

Option to obtain cell values of grid/image data sets is added. Now it is possible to obtain the z-values of any gridded data set using the identify tool.

January 22, 2001.

The web_map applet underwent several changes:

- Six new data sets have been added. Please see the metedata section for details of these data.

US High Resolution Moho US High Resolution Basement
US Tectonic Boundaries Age of Ocean Floors (Global)
Geology of Iran Geology of S. America

- Web_map applet has been updated to make it more stable.
- The Profile Maker tool has been improved.
- A description for Legend making added.

March 14, 2000.

A new ULTRA 10 replaced the old server. The mapping application now runs three times faster. The new server was purchased with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

December 16, 1999.

Twenty new data sets added. Newly added data sets mostly cover the United States. Here is a list of data sets recently added to our Digital Earth data libraries.
US State boundaries US Aquifers US CNSS Seismicity US Moho
US County boundaries US Mines   US Pn Velocity
US Cities Global Tectonic Provinces   US Pg Velocity
US Lakes Geology of Former Soviet Union   US Bouguer Gravity
US Rivers Geology of Asia Pacific   US Magnetic Anomaly
US Roads Plate Boundaries    
US Rail Roads      
US Urban Areas      

For a complete list of available data sets, visit our Metadata web page.

March 3, 1999:

Web site being released for general use.