AUTHOR        = Egloff et al.
    YEAR          = 91
    FIGNUMBER     = 6
    SOURCE        = Tectonophysics, 198, 329-353
    TITLE         = Contrasting structural styles of the 
                    eastern and western margins of the 
                    southern Red Sea: the 1988 SONNE 

The experiment consited of wide-angle reflection and refraction 
seismic profiles measures during the SONNE53 cruise.  Waterguns 
were fired at 6.25 m spacing, resulting in 12-fold coverage.  
Approximately 1000 airgun shots were fired at 1 min. intervals 
and recorded by 23 OBS.  The average distance between the shots 
was 150 m.  Seven large explosive shots (150-225 kg) were fired 
along the line at 80 m water depth, and recorded by the OBS.

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