AUTHOR     = J. Makris and others
YEAR       = 88
SOURCE     = The Pan-African Belt of the Northeast Africa and Adjacent Areas.
             Samir El-Gaby and Reinhard O. Greiling Eds. pag 345-369
TITLE      = Some Geophysical Aspects of the Evolution and Structure of the
             Crust in Egypt

In 1980 the General Petroleum Company (GPC), Cairo, Egypt, published a set of 
Bouguer maps of Egypt on a 1:500,000 scale by compiling all available gravity 
data.  This is a two dimensional density model showing the crustal thickness 
and geometry along the Western Desert.  The model is seismically constrained 
from 10 deep seismic sounding profiles performed in 1978 and 1981 by the 
Intitute of Geophysics, University of Hamburg, and the Helwan Institute of 
Astronomy and Geophysics.  Details about the seismic data are not available 
in this publication.

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