AUTHOR        = El-Isa, Z. and others
    YEAR          = 87
    FIGNUMBER     = 11
    SOURCE        = Tectonophysics, 138, 235-253 pp.
    TITLE         = A crustal structure study of Jordan derived 
                    from seismic refraccion data

This experiment recorded observations out to distances of about 
200 km along four lines (this is one of these lines). Briefly, 
28 shots of which 3 were sea shots were recorded by about 20 
MARS type mobile seismic stations recording three components of 
ground motion and an external Radio Moscow time signal, all 
frequency modulated, on single track analog magnetic tape.  
20 shots were recorded with station spacing of around 5 km, 
while 8 small shots were recorded with a station spacing of 
1 to 2 km.

**Note: The poorest data collected in the whole experiment were 
those from this line (Line I in the paper).

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