AUTHOR     = H. Berckemer and others
YEAR       = 75
SOURCE     = Afar Depression of Ethiopia. Scientific report No.14. 
             Symposioum held in Bad Bergzabern, F.R.Germany Apr 1,
             1974. Vol 1 pag 89-107
TITLE      = Deep seismic soundings in the Afar region and on the 
             highland of Ethiopia

Although quite conventional in principle, the actual field 
observations were rather unconventional due to the extreme and 
adverse environmental conditions, in particular in north Afar.  
Seismic measurements were made along 5 profiles 120-300 km long 
in different parts of the Afar Depression and, for reference, at 
a profile on the Ethiopian Plateau.  Seismic pulses were 
generated by explosions at both ends of the line, preferably in 
lakes or rivers with charges ranging from 300 to 1600 kp.  
A particular shooting technique was used which yielded high 
seismic efficiency even from explosions in very shallow water.  
15 mobile recording stations, 5-7 km appart were installed in a 
Landrover and consisted of a four channel magnetic tape recording 
seismograph system MARS 66, a short wave time signal receiver, a 
transceiver for intercommunication and two operators.  A vertical 
and horizontal component seismometer were buried near the recorder 
and another vertical component some 200-400 m away on the profile. 
The position of each station was determined astronomically using 
a Zeiss Ni2-Astrolab.

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