AUTHOR    = Ginzburg A. and others
   YEAR      = 81
   SOURCE    = Tectonophysics, 80 109-119. Elsevier Scientific Publishing 
               Company, Amsterdam - Printed in The Netherlands.
   TITLE     = The structure of the crust and upper mantlein the Dead Sea 

A deep seismic refraction experiment was designed and conducted in 1977 
in order to obtain information about the deep structure of the crust 
along the rift and around it.  The seismic data obtained in the 
experiment were first evaluated using first arrival information 
(Ginzburg and others, 1979).  The high quality of the data made possible 
an evaluation of later arrival information resulting in a detailed 
velocity structure of the crust underneath the rift and the adjacent areas 
(Ginzburg and others, 1979; Perathoner, 1979).  In order to present an 
updated structural interpretation of the seismic refraction data, it was 
necessary to recompute the first-arrival information using the revised velocity-depth distribution.  Energy source, recording station distribution 
or type of seismographs are not described in this paper.

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