AUTHOR    = J. Makris and others
YEAR      = 72
SOURCE    = Tectonophysics, 15(1/2): 31-39
TITLE     = A preliminary interpretation of the gravity field 
            of Afar, Northeast Ethiopia
PROF_NAME  = makr72_1

The gravity data used for the compilation of the Bouguer map 
were obtained from different sources.  North Afar has been 
mainly measured in 1968 by Prakla-Seismos GmbH on behalf of 
the Salzdetfurt AG, Hannover (Ochse and Ries, 1972).  Gravity 
values of the Geophysical Observatory, Haile Sellassie I 
University, Mohr and Rogers (1966), Mohr and Gouin (1967) Gouin 
and Mohr (1964) were used as well.  South Afar was covered by 
approximately 1000 gravity measurements established in 1969 and 
1970 by Mackris et al. (1970, 1971).  A total approximately 
1,800 stations were uniformly reduced and compiled into a map 
of 10 mgal isogals.  The mass reductions were spherical to 
Hayford zone O2 with uniform density of 2.67 g/cm3.  The gravity 
data have been reduced to the mean sea leavel.  The normal field 
was computed by the international formula of 1930.  The map was 
extended along the coast of the Read Sea to the Sudan border by 
data measurements that C. Morelli (personal communication, 1971) 
put at our sisposal.  The Red Sea data have not been corrected 
for topographic effects.

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