AUTHOR        = Makris and others
    YEAR          = 83
    FIGNUMBER     = 3
    SOURCE        = Bull. Fac. Earth Sci., King Abdulaziz Univ., 
                    6, 435-447.
    TITLE         = Crustal Structure in the Northwestern region 
                    of the Arabian Shield and its Transition to 
                    the Red Sea.

Two different types of mobile seismic stations were used.  Ten of 
these stations were of the MARS-66 type, recording one time and 
three seismic channels on magnetic tape.  Another eight units 
were of Sprengnether MEQ-800 type, recording one time and one 
seimic channel on smoked paper.  Both types of instruments are 
equipped with MARK-II geophones.  Positions of the shots at sea 
were fixed by satellite navigation, and the arrivals of sound 
waves generated by the shots were recorded by an ocean botton 
seismograph (OBS).

For this profile, reverse observations were obtained by one OBS 
unit which had previously been placed at the end of the marine 
section.  The OBS observed eleven 50 kg shots between 0 and 30 km.

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