AUTHOR        = Healy, J. H. et al.
    YEAR          = 82
    FIGNUMBER     = plate 9
    SOURCE        = Open-file report USGS-OF-02-37
    TITLE         = Saudi Arabian Seismic Deep-Refraction 
                    Profile: Final Project Report

Six shot points were used: five on land, with most charges placed 
below the water table in drill holes, and one at sea, with charges 
placed on the sea floor and detonated from a ship.  Slightly more 
than 61 metric tons of explosives were used in 19 discrete firings.  
Seismic energy was recorded by 100 newly-developed portable seismic 
stations deployed in approximately 200 km-long arrays for each 
firing.  Each station consisted of standard 2-Hz vertical component 
geophone coupled to a self-contained analog recording intrument 
equipped with a magnetic-tape cassette.

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