AUTHOR     = Snyder and Barazangi
    YEAR       = 86
    FIGNUMBER  = 5, middle profile
    SOURCE     = Tectonics, vol. 5, No. 3, Pages 361-373, 
                 June 1986
    TITLE      = Deep crustal structure and flexure of the 
                 Arabian Plate beneath the Zagros collisional
                 mountain belt as inferred from gravity 

The gravity data consist of 9,436 measurements obtained from 
the Defence Mapping Agency in St. Lois, Missouri.  Gravity 
values are referenced to the international gravity 
Standarization Network of 1971 and geodetic Reference system 
1967.  The data distribution can be displayed with this menu 
since this is one of the coverages used to generate the 
Bouguer and Free Air grids.  In order to display the data 
points, click on "Images/Grids ..." from the main menu and 
from the new poped up menu, click on "coverages used ..." 
under Bouguer gravity for example.  Finally, select "zagros 
point data", and the data points will be displayed.

Two gravity models were used in this publication: Models 
based on Bouguer and Isostatic anomalies and Fexure models.   
This particular profile is a two-dimensional Bouguer gravity 
model.  Densities are assumed to be homogeneous throughout 
the bodies.

This figure is available in gif or postscript format.

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