Acknowledgments. This work was supported by National Science Foundation grant EAR-9627855. We would like to thank the members of Instituto Andaluz de Geofisica (Spain), Instituto Geografico Nacional (Spain), Centre National de Coordination et de Planification de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (Morocco), and the Physique du Globe at Mohammed V University (Morocco) for their hospitality and for providing the waveform data used in this study; Claudia Piromallo for enlightening discussions about the different tomographic studies in the Alboran region; Harmen Bijwaard and Wim Spakman for providing the Alboran portion of their global model; Tony Watts for insights into the tectonics of the region and for providing preprints of upcoming papers; and Rob Van der Hilst for discussion and review. The authors would also like to thank Andrea Morelli, Wim Spakman, and Rinus Wortel for their rigorous and constructive reviews and suggestions, and Graham Brew, Francisco Gomez, and José Morales for their reviews of early drafts. Institute for the Study of the Continents contribution 255.

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