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Brew, G., Barazangi, M., Sawaf, T. and Al-Maleh, K.

Tectonic Map and Geologic Evolution of Syria: The Role of GIS

The Leading Edge, 19, 176-182, 2000.


For the past 12 years, Cornell Syria Project scientists and colleagues at the Syrian Petroleum Company have studied the regional structure and geologic evolution of Syria. We are currently generating new structural maps and tectonic models for the whole country. Information on this region is relatively limited, despite the local importance of hydrocarbon production and abundant surface and subsurface data. Our regional approach involves new interpretations of seismic reflection profiles, well data, remote sensing imagery, and potential-field data, merged with existing interpretations of similar data sets. These interpretations, integrations, analyses, and map preparation are all performed within a GIS platform. As detailed elsewhere in this issue, the importance of GIS as a data storage and interrogation tool for petroleum exploration is well established. This article describes our use of GIS to facilitate regional tectonic mapping in Syria. Although not directly related to the search for hydrocarbons, the maps and models generated have obvious utility for oil exploration. Herein we detail the types of data being used, their integration and interpretation within the GIS, and our preliminary analysis and findings. We will show how a GIS approach eases data archiving and map generation and also provides interpretational possibilities not available with more traditional mapping procedures.

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Copyright Statement

This paper was published in the journal The Leading Edge by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. SEG retains the copyright to this paper.

Brew, G., Barazangi, M., Sawaf, T. and Al-Maleh, K. Tectonic Mapping of Syria: The Role of GIS, The Leading Edge, 19, 176-182, 2000.

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Key Figures and Captions

Figure 2. Composite image of selected coverages available at Cornell from within the GIS including a 3-D perspective
view of Syria showing data locations.

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