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Welcome to the Cornell Syria Project:

The Syria Project is a collaborative effort between Cornell University, the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) and Damascus University. Our aim is to study the regional tectonic evolution of the northern Arabian Platform, in particular within Syria. On these pages you will find a summary of our research and links to recent work.

Study Area:

Topographic Map of Syria

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Research Outline:

The tectonic evolution of Syria has been profoundly affected by movement on nearby Arabian plate boundaries, which almost completely surround the country. This deformation is evidenced in large-scale geologic structures within Syria, which include the Palmyride fold and thrust belt in the center of the country, the Euphrates fault system in the east and the Dead Sea fault system in the west. Analysis of these structures, and an examination of their causes, is the goal of the Syria Project.

Researchers with the Project use a wide variety of data sources in their tectonic analyses. Thanks to petroleum exploration abundant industry seismic reflection data have been collected in much of Syria and surrounding areas. Data from large numbers of exploration drill holes, many of which penetrate deep into Paleozoic sediments, are also available. In addition, other data sources include seismic refraction data, geologic maps, potential field data, remote sensing imagery and topographic data from much of the Middle East region. Cornell, SPC, and Damascus University scientists aim to combine the interpretation of all these diverse data in their research efforts.

Research at Cornell is supported by petroleum industry sponsorship. In return for their assistance, sponsors are provided with limited access to the data held at Cornell and reports on research activities.

Thank you for your interest in the Syria Project. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our research, please contact Muawia Barazangi.

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For questions or comments, please contact Muawia Barazangi: mb44@cornell.edu.

Last updated: March 2016